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Keeping It Local

Our stores are stocked with wonderful products that feature organic, gluten free, vegetarian and the traditional. We offer fresh butchered meats and our own burger that is ground daily, Boars Head Meats & Cheese line, delicious sandwiches, subs, wraps and homemade Burritos, fresh and locally grown produce, baked goods, block ice & regular, Jims Organic Coffee and our Award Winning Gourmet Scratch Pizza. Make sure you try our Farm Fresh milk in glass bottles, especially the Chocolate and you will be hooked. Of course being seaside, fresh fish by the pound is offered seasonally. Enjoy our Clambakes To Go or our own Steamed or Fresh Lobsters for the whole gang. As a true grass roots supporter of the local farm to market movement, we pride ourselves in carrying locally made products and quality goods. If you need it, we have it and if we don’t just ask and we will try our darndest to get it.

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